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Strategy Services

We Help You Build Your Reputation

Carnegie Global's parent company, Carnegie Dartlet, looks to help you answer the critical question: Who are you? With a philosophy rooted in psychology, their methodology was born from unusual innovation. The founders cracked the code to organisational transformation using principles of human psychology and personality. Everything we do is research-based, and built upon authentic organisational personality.

Personality Workshops

Who are you? Carnegie Dartlet’s brainchild—and the catalyst for organisational definition and transformation—our collaborative workshops will open your eyes.

Storyline Workshops

What is your story? Our storyline workshops use a data-driven approach to discover the most important message themes and language for your organisation.

Perception Studies

What does the market believe about you? OUr personality driven survey instruments target unbiased audiences to help you get the insight you need to propel the most strategic direction.

Competitive Audits

Our competitive audit dissects your rivals to reveal opportunities for you to position authentically and get of the “herd” intelligently.

Communication & Systems Audits

We look under the hood and help fine-tune your systems and strategies— drawing upon leading-edge marketing, communications, and recruiting best practices, as well as decades of leadership experience inside organisations.

Market Research

When you need an objective answer, we will find it. Our internal and external qualitative and quantitative research methods can be applied to virtually any situation across the ecosystem.

Asset Testing

Whether it’s collateral testing, brand identity development, product definition, or campaign creation, our live-asset testing protocol will bring the right answers to the surface and instill confidence in your future direction.

Geospatial Analysis

Integrating your marketing and recruiting data is not just a good idea, it is imperative. Data visualisation and geospatial analytics will map your present realities, identify problem areas, and yield opportunity spaces.

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