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Traditional Undergraduate - US Students

Unmatched and Proven Lead Generation

Beginning 30 years ago as a publication being mailed to American students and parents directly in their homes, this service has transformed into the multichannel lead generation service known as CollegeXpress. At its core are the principles and infrastructure that have made it the powerhouse it’s always been: access to more student names than any other company, industry-leading digital marketing and content strategies, and what’s still the most recognised suite of direct-to-home recruitment publications.

Reach over 3 million US students

  • Delivered in home and through email to over three million pre-qualified high school students using data from the top student search name sources
  • Get a customised online profile on our leading student portal, CollegeXpress, with over three million student visitors annually. Registered CollegeXpress members have one-click access to your website and online application
  • Receive your leads weekly when students express interest in your school

Pick your target audience

Take advantage of more than 40 powerful audience segmentation options, including:

  • Academic
  • Geographic
  • Health & Medicine
  • Science & Engineering
  • Visual & Performing Arts
  • Catholic
  • Christian
  • Multicultural
  • International
  • Transfer
  • Business
  • Education
  • High School & Counsellors
  • Graduate

Keep your prospects engaged

With CollegeXpress, you’ll get in front of millions of qualified university-bound students. But don’t stop there—we can help you build a relationship with your prospects by immediately following up with them through our Custom Response Lead Nurturing Service.

Let us make the initial connection to your inquiries for you. Through our Custom Response Service, after a student requests information from your institution through our websites, emails, or magazines, we will send them a branded, customised response with your school’s message, image, logo, and/or custom creative. Carnegie Global does the work but remains invisible to the student, and your enquiries turn into enrolments!

Let us help you get connected to the right students. Contact us to learn more.

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