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US Student Recruitment

Digital Strategies for US Student Recruitment

Audience Select

Audience Select is the most precise Display advertising for targeting US students. Using proprietary student data from our CollegeXpress database, we will customise and pinpoint your Display audience, layering in geography, academic achievement level, ethnicity, household income, and other demographic info. And we can focus on households where high school students reside. This marketing strategy is great for brand awareness, new market expansion, and top-of-funnel messaging.

IP Targeting

This list-based Display strategy matches the mailing addresses on your student list to home IP addresses and delivers tailored messaging to everyone in the residence. IP Targeting leverages your message across all devices in the household and directs messaging to students and influencers. Carnegie Global’s unparalleled 90% match rate ensures you’re getting in front of your audience. This strategy is ideal for increasing brand awareness, promoting events, and engaging prospects throughout their journey.

Mobile Footprints

Combining the technology and power of geofencing, Mobile Location Targeting, and IP Targeting, we have created a one-of-a-kind digital strategy. We can capture mobile devices at a specific US location and deliver digital advertising to individuals who enter and exit the geofenced location. Once the device goes home and connects to the home Wi-Fi, we can deliver ads to any device in the household. Mobile Footprints provides the link between work or school and home, providing continuity of message across all devices and to all stakeholders in the home—including parents.

Rooftop Targeting

This type of Display marketing targets buildings in the US like further education colleges, hospitals, and relevant businesses. Targeting those places enables you to deliver advertising tailored to individuals who frequent them and are logged in to the wireless network of that building. Use Rooftop Targeting for transfer and graduate recruitment using identified feeder locations.

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