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Taking the Conversation with Your Target Audience to Another Level

Continue to put your university's brand in front of prospects who have previously visited specific areas of your institution’s website. Through Retargeting, you will have online reach and frequency to re-engage previous visitors and drive them toward a decisive action, like filling out a request for information form, registering for an open house, or, better yet, applying! This strategy allows you to segment audiences and deliver specific messaging based on which pages of your website they visited or what geographic area they are coming from.

Retargeting options

No longer a broad-brush strategy, Retargeting (when done right—like here at Carnegie Global!) can now be customised to audiences, behaviours, and intent and should include Retargeting across websites, social media platforms, YouTube, and PPC.

Experience immediate results

Retargeting offers you the ability to:

  • Build brand strength in any market
  • Remarket to past site visitors with targeted messaging
  • Re-engage with audiences wherever they are spending their time online
  • Drive prospects back to specific areas of your website to take action
  • Capture enquiries and increase attendance at events
  • Drive conversion actions such as downloading brochures or watching videos
  • Combat stealth applicants by identifying prospects earlier in the search process

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