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Putting You in Contact with International Students From All Around the Globe

i-studentglobal is dedicated to international students, their parents, and school counsellors, as well as worldwide institutions. With prospective students using our platform for information on study options, career choice, and more, is the perfect way for you to reach out to them.

Why recommend i-studentglobal to students?

They'll find a wide variety of content to help them along their university journey, including:

  • A comprehensive mix of articles published weekly

  • Degree-related topics, interviews with professionals from various fields, country and region-specific subjects, top tips on studying for exams, features detailing potential cultural differences, and more

  • Blog section created entirely by and for international students sharing their study experiences

Why Advertise Here?

1. Targeted content and banner ads

  • SEO-optimised content
  • Articles filtered by region (Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, US) and subject of study
  • Unbiased features written by students and university staff
  • Linear ad banner integration (e.g., course study banner placed within course-specific content)
  • Dedicated sections to Student Blogs, School Counsellors, and Scholarships
  • Readership of 80,000+ per month
  • 7,000 international schools from over 150 countries reached monthly

2. Dedicated institution page

  • Individual institution page where students can share their experience at your institution
  • Direct linking to your webpage, study course pages and social media accounts.

3. WhyStudyHere cross-promotion

  • Direct traffic generated to your WhyStudyHere individual branded page
  • Student testimonial display on course and region-specific pages

4. Social media campaigns

  • Custom-made social media campaigns initiated per published feature
  • 60,000+ friends on Facebook
  • 2,800 followers on Twitter

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