Join us January 23-24, 2019 for our annual Carnegie Conference!

Carnegie Global Webinar Series

Past Webinar Topics


    5 Marketing Strategies to Help US Students Learn About Your Institution
    23 min Watch

    Recruiting students in the US? In this webinar, we will cover strategies you can use to reach American students, raise their awareness of your university, and generate enquiries. We’ll also examine how these tactics can be used for both graduate level and traditional undergraduate recruitment and the role they can play in your overall marketing plan.


    Psychographics Are the Future of Marketing—Starting Now
    32 min Watch

    Details: Know your customer—it’s a fundamental rule of business. Without an in-depth knowledge of your buyer, your institution is subject to the common “spray and pray” method of student attraction. Basic enrollment data isn’t enough. You must know your ideal students at the most personal levels possible—their affinities, emotions, and psychological drivers. The interplay of psychographics over demographics is where the magic really happens, and this is yours for the making in higher education. Know and differentiate your students at the psychographic level, and you will be able to find them—and connect with them—in ways never before possible. In this session, we will explore the role of demographics and psychographics in enrollment marketing and walk away with research methods and tactics for implementation.